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The Undoing of the Luckless Lillyan Lange by Neme Ndolo of “Ha, Ha, Ha! No. Films”. 

"Open for questions again"

- This is my I’ll be more likely to answer questions on here! :)

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say that i've been following your blog for a while and it's nice to finally see your face! (must say this: you're pretty!!) bisou*

Awww, thank you so much!!

Anonymous asked: Hey, i have a question (Sorry for my english). I just got my menstruation, but I still want to train. What can I do? Which Training strains my lower body not so much?

I’d say to try a tampon and then, do strength excesses or cardio on a machine.

This is a walking taco. Reblog if you care.



How could you not?!

Look at the thing….it’s so eager… We all need to be eager like “EAGER TACO”.

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THIS is the BEST movie EVER.

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Christmas Abbott


…her name is Christmas. This is the best thing ever! She is the meaning of,”Have a kickass Christmas”. Her parents surely did!!

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When a character death is so sudden you just sit there in shock for three minutes wondering where the hell that came from



Lol, that’s me with the Gone series!

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Video message to my darling followers/thinsters!